Welcome to “Chatter”, the official blog of the Texas Playboys Baseball Club

Pitchers and Catchers have already reported.

The first practice, the first annual “Pitch and Bitch” , got us started off right –
we nominated Amy Cook the banquet coordinator, Dave Mead is in charge of getting the
helmets painted up nice, Howard Carey will remain the Coach and Cory Clifton will remain
the Treasurer until they resign publicly.  We got sweet new hats and we have already practiced
base running and relays once more than all of last year – so with all this momentum,

we just went ahead and got us a website.  Complete with an “active roster”, photo archive, merch,
a Nuts! booster club page, and “Chatter” – the blog that will keep you up to date on all
of the infield, outfield, and even the dugout “chatter”. Play Boys!